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Dynamic Digital Design

Design Konzeps has been providing innovative solutions to individuals and entities of all sizes for over 7 years – with a lead designer that has over 30 years experience in the industry.

An online presence has become essential for success, and your competitors will be getting your potential business if you cannot be found online.

Most people now search online for information before making any purchase decisions, or before deciding which services to use.

Your information needs to be available and as highly visible as possible amongst all the information out there. We can help make that happen for you.

An online store has the potential of generating income with little to no effort on your part, as we can handle most of the nitty gritty for you – from initial design to hosting, to regular updates and maintenance, to customer relationships, and more…

We combine cutting edge design and development with good old-fashioned personal service to create a stress free online presence for you and your brand – together with budget-friendly payment options.

Design Konzeps offers everything you need for your entity and brand to shine online – quickly and easily!

Dynamic Design & Ease of Use

Your website needs to be dynamic but user-friendly, easy to navigate, and efficient - both for your site visitors and for you. Our designs operate smoothly and efficiently on all devices, with little to no downtime.

Effectively Inform

Your website needs to effectively inform visitors about your brand, services or products - and concisely answer any information searched for. Our designs strive to effectively provide all neccessary information optimized for searches.

Refective of Your Brand Identity

You have an image in the real world and we will strive to seamlessly convey that identity into your online presence as well. Your website will reflect your image, together with any brand colors and logos so as to tie in with your image in the real world.

Productive and Reliable

Your website needs to be reliable, and has the potential to be very productive for your brand or business. Productive features such as e-commerce stores, product galleries, account management, user interaction, and more can be made available. Your website could be more than simply a window into your entity or brand - we can make it work for you!


Frequently Asked Questions

Have questions, or need more info before making your decision? Contact us at any time – or perhaps find your answer below…

We strive to have your website up and running within 7 to 14 days (obviously also depending on receipt of content from you, and on the requirements of the project)

Multiple payment options are available, including bank transfers and credit cards. Invoiced payments are generally quick and hassle-free, using one of the largest payment processing companies in South Africa.

We understand that you are an expert in your field, but not necessarily a good writer. Our team will write the content based on the information you provide, and based on your feedback. We pride ourselves in writing easy to read, grammatically correct, and engaging content. It is vital to have professional content that catches attention and gets your unique message and brand image across.

We use highly reliable web servers with a reputation for very low down times. Ensuring 99% uptime is generally included in the hosting service we or a third party provide. We can also quickly and efficiently repair anything else that could possibly go wrong. Our Plus Plans include specified hours of maintenece, and any additional maintenece is available at a reasonable rate.

Our plans include .za domain name registration (other domains can also be provided) and the full or initial hosting of your website and email service, should you need it. Our Plus Plans include continual hosting and domain name renewal every year for the duration of your service. Our Traditional Plans include the first 3 months of hosting and initial domain name registration, if required. Continued hosting and domain name renewals can be billed thereafter, based on your requirements.

You can use any existing domain name for your new website, and you can transfer any existing domain name to our management – but this is not always required, although this would be better for providing you with a one-stop and efficient service. Domain names can be pointed to any server hosting your website, but we will work with you to transfer your domain name, hosting, or any existing website to our servers should you choose to do so.

You can either continue to use your existing hosting, or you can transfer your hosting to us. Websites we design do not have to be hosted on our servers, although this would be better for providing you with a one-stop and efficient service. We will work with you to transfer your domain, hosting, or any existing website to our servers should you choose to do so.

We guarantee that we will provide a service and website that meets or exceeds your requirements. Should you not be satisfied with the website or the service provided within 14 days of signup, we will gladly refund any payments made (excluding any 3rd party fees) and cancel any and all commitments.

Outside of our money-back guarantee period, our Plus Plans require an annual commitment, but can be cancelled after one or more years with 30 days notice.

It would not be possible to cancel one of our Traditional Plans outside of our money-back guarantee period as the website would have already been handed over to you.

Our mission

Turn Ideas into Reality

We strive to turn ideas into reality, using the latest technologies combined with old-fashioned good service…

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